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Syrian Arab Airlines

Syrian Arab Airlines, also known as SyrianAir, is the nationwide commercial airline of Syria. It functions both home and worldwide solutions and its major platform is Damascus International Airport. Syrian Air is a participant of the Arabic Air Carriers Company. The commercial airline engages a personnel of 5,325 and is completely held by the Syrian govt. Syrian Arabic Air carriers has code share deals with Royal Jordanian Airlines, Saudi Arabian Air carriers, Turkish Air carriers and Yemenia Airlines.

History: The beginning of Syrian Arab Airlines can be tracked back to 1946, when its precursor Syrian Air passage was founded. Its first internal and external routes were carried out using choppers. Syrian Air was founded in August 1961, by the Government of Syria, to succeed Syrian Airways. In 1963, when the Syrian Trend took position, the commercial airline joined jet age, by obtaining four Super-Caravel jet-engine aircraft. Its european voyage started with routes to The capital Munich.

After the Syrian Revolution, Syrian Arab Airlines went for a significant development of its fleet. It involved new 747-SP Large planes and 727-200 planes from Boeing as well as the European designed TU-154 in its navy. When the U. s. Declares charged supports on Syria, up-dates to Syrianair were disturbed. This ongoing until August of 1998, when Airbus A320-200 was purchased. In 1970, Syrian Arab Airlines obtained some communist aircrafts; by the advantage of Syria's near governmental connections with the Soviet Partnership, some of which it uses in its functions until these days. The jets taken from the Soviet Partnership involve Antonov An-26, Ilyushin Il-76 and Yakovlev Yak-40 in the Seventies and Tupolev Tu-134B-3 and Tupolev Tu-154M in the Early. In July 1978, the airline opened a joint service with Royal Jordanian to New York.

Destinations: Syrian Arab Airlines currently operates planned international services to over 51 locations in Asia, the Middle Eastern, European countries and North African-american. It protects Italy, Romania, Armenia, Malta, Portugal, Tuscany, The country, Chicken, Luxembourg, The country, Denmark, Malaysia, Holland, Sweden and U.K. In Japan, it provides locations like Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabic, Syria, and UAE while it provides The red sea, Sudan, Libya and Algeria in South African-american. In Indian, the commercial airline goes to Delhi and Mumbai.

Fleet: As on June 2009, Syrian Arabic Airlines had a fleet of 25 aircrafts. These involved Airbus A320-200, Ilyushin Il-76M, Tupolev Tu-154B, Yak-40K, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, and Boeing 747SP. It has rented the two Ilyushin Il-76M jets and one Airbus A320-200.

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